Jeremiah Raber Actor/Reality TV Personality Jeremiah Raber grew up in the Ohio Amish heart land within the Amish culture. Turned to the English life style and was cast on the Reality TV show to document the difference between the life styles. Born: January 17, 1980 Home Town: Holmes County, Ohio Spouse: Married Wife-Carmela Children: 3 TV Shows: Breaking Amish, Return to Amish

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Schedule an Event: Jeremiah is booking appearances for Autograph Signing, Meet and Greet, Convention Appearances, Corporate Events, Nightclub Appearances, Personal Appearances, Product Endorsements, Speaking Engagements, Trade show Appearance, Celebrity Judge, TV and Radio Commercials. Plus much more! Jeremiah is available for: Parades Amusement Parks Ballparks Casinos College & Universities Fairs & Festivals Malls Nightclubs Raceways […]

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Amish Rebel

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The Amish

Detailed information about the Amish.


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For the Fans


This poem is written for all my fans You think I have nothing but time on my hands You send a message then get mad Since you think it’s the only message that I had You push me this way an pull me that way Not listening to what I have to say The way […]


2 0f 2 poems that got published. Sit back and listen to the flow most of you already know back to when i was in huggies way before they even had snuggies i always paid attention to the teachers never really understood the preachers but i saw it coming even back then knew all my […]


1 0f 2 Poems that got published. all the sandcastles that i built were crashed down with a quilt the water started crashing around but there’s no lifeguard to be found as the waves pulled me in deeper i knew i found my secret keeper but when i wake ill finally be free forgetting who […]

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