1 0f 2 Poems that got published.

all the sandcastles that i built
were crashed down with a quilt
the water started crashing around
but there’s no lifeguard to be found
as the waves pulled me in deeper
i knew i found my secret keeper
but when i wake ill finally be free
forgetting who i use to be
there’s another name that they’ll call
and no one knows about my last fall
its a secret kept within the ocean
an ill follow through the new motion
creating a new life for me to start
empty, no heart to rip apart
completely soul less just like all the rest
ill be surrounded with the best of the best
i already sold my soul before
i never should’ve asked for more
now i want a chance to remember what i had
before they turned me into something bad
but this is where my new journey will begin
knowing inside that the devil is my kin
this isn’t a fairy tale to be told
no one knows how much longer i will hold
but ill keep to my honest word
ill stay quiet, completely unheard
the day they take me out of the game
that’s when ill finally have true fame
but until then i sing with secret riddles
listening to the devil play his fiddles
remember i said it all came crashing around
Jesus was the lifeguard never found
take this in with an open mind
because only then you will find
the truth that’s hidden in the lies
set me free before my spirit dies…..

Jeremiah Raber

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