2 0f 2 poems that got published.

Sit back and listen to the flow
most of you already know
back to when i was in huggies
way before they even had snuggies
i always paid attention to the teachers
never really understood the preachers
but i saw it coming even back then
knew all my life i was gonna sin
people watched my life unravel
never stayed long, had to travel
gypsy soul running in my veins
always hiding from my past pains
you didn’t know my name before
now you think you can walk in my door
lets drop the act just keep this real
tell me whats up and how you feel
i don’t have time to play a game
i told you before i had the fame
the words written on your wall
seen it before i would even fall
you cant knock me out my seat
cause ill hit you with a delete
my teenage years went by like that
never needed a gun just a baseball bat
worked my way up from the floor
burning a fire in my core
i thought i was on the right track
then again your words were whack
i didn’t wait around to find out
no time to listen to em shout
times pass by like i’m standing still
another day, hour and minutes to kill
i didn’t come back to hear you cry
i came back to give a second try
but you fell at your knees
kept begging and saying please
but sorry to say not this time
my times worth more than a dime
20+ years have gone past
yet i still remain last
but ill finish on the top
i promised not to stop
till i hit the road that i had to pave
i took a break as you dug my grave
this isn’t the end of me
just stick around and you will see

Jeremiah Raber

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